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Rio Lagartos is best place for birdwatching and birding tours on the Yucatan Penisula.
If you are looking for a one-stop location to see as many birds as possible while visiting the Yucatan Peninsula, the Ría Lagartos Reserve tops the list with 394 birds -70% of all the birds reported for the region.
The reason is simple: diverse habitats that include the sea, coastal dune, scrub, an extensive estuary, salt flats, fresh water wetlands, as well as both dry and humid forest.
 On top of that, you have some of the best local bird guides in the region that know just where to find the birds on your “wish list”.
                                   Barbara MacKinnon 11/1/2012


   The bird lists on the website were complied by Barbara MacKinnon

 The fresh water wetlands around  Rio Lagartos Yucatan have many nesting areas.
     Egrets on their nest near Rio Lagartos in the spring.

 Flamingos are in Rio Lagartos all year long and here in the largest quantities during the spring and fall for breeding and nesting.The majority of the Yucatan's 40,000 flamingos nest here.


 Flamingos are in Rio Lagartos all year long, with

majority of the Yucatan's flock of 40,000 here for mating and nesting starting in April.  

Large quantities are here throughout the summer.


In the fall and winter the flock disperses along the coast for feeding opportunities, seldom with large concentrations in any one place. The feeding opportunities here insure that we always have flamingos but not enough to support the entire Yucatan flock for the whole year. There are areas along the coast where they disappear completely at times.



Birding by boat in the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. 



 Our launches are a safe and easy way to reach places otherwise impossible. They are stable and have a shallow draft to reach deep into the mangroves.

You can bring extra clothing, a lunch(we will prepare it)bird books and camera gear without effort.

Birding by boat makes it possible for people with physical challenges have some great birding.

For photos and a list of the birds commonly seen on boat trips.

 see Boat birding


 Birding on Land



 These Storks and Roseate Spoonbills  were found at a fresh water wetland near Rio Lagartos during the nesting season. The fresh water wetland is only one of the many habitats that make birding so remarkable here.












Trip Advisor Reviews  "the best bird guide period"
          Birding by boat and on land in the Yucatan
     with Diego Nuñez  in the  Rio Lagartos Bio Reserve.
       Discover the incredible birding we have in       Rio Lagartos in the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve
We are happy and proud to announce that Rio Lagartos Adventures has moved to it's permanent location .(Now "Ria Maya Restaurante and Lodge") !Video View from a drone  " Link!We have dining on the second story right on the water. No road or traffic in front.
It is quiet and beautiful with the best water view ,food
and Lodging in Rio Lagartos. Photos and directions
Here in Rio Lagartos we are well known for the Flamingos that nest and feed in the Ria Lagartos Bio Reserve(a population estimated at 40,000 in the Yucatan).We are also well known for our Flamingo tours at Rio Lagartos Adventures
Less well known  is the incredible birding we have here throughout the year. 
If you are an experienced birder with specific birds to add to your lifetime list,a novice or just getting started, we can design your birding to match your skill and interest level.
If you are a photographer/birder we will help you find the species you are looking for and help get you close enough for a a chance at a good shot.
If you  are a beginner we can offer bird identification 
            Turquoise browed Mot Mot in Rio Lagartos
                The Mayan word is "Toh" They nest in wells &
Rio Lagartos has good choices for lodging, freshseafood caught locally and friendly people. Rio Lagartos Adventures has a new bed and breakfast(Posada Diego and Matildé)  with modern  comfortable
rooms that we offer with our  Birding Packages.
Rio Lagartos is not close enough to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Merida to make day birding trips practical. The three hours driving time each way makes for a very long day with more driving than birding).
We have such a remarkable variety of species and habitats that is easy to spend several days. If you look at our birding packages you will get  an idea of the possibilities.
I hope you can join us for some great birding in Rio Lagartos!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions as you plan your birding trip.
                   Diego Nuñez       CONTACT US
 The View from the second floor of our new Restaurante "Ria Maya Restaurante" more info
The restaurant was formerly Isla Contoy. We have  3 new  double rooms at Ria Maya Birding and Fishing Lodge.