Ria Maya Restaurant & Birding  Lodge

 ​​​​​​​​​​ ​​Birding in Rio Lagartos ,Yucatan    With  Diego Nuñez 


Reviewed March 6, 2012
Montreal, Canada
Trip Advisor Review

We booked Diego for 9 separate land- and boat-based tours (all private) over a 1-week period, focusing on wildlife photography. He proved to be the ideal guide; with his 20 years of experience, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the local species, and a superhuman ability to find and identify them. Without his expert assistance, we would not have encountered even a fraction of the species we managed to see and photograph. On one of our outings, Diego even spotted an Agami Heron, the first record for this beautiful bird in the state of Yucatan—we were proud to be witness to this event! We also loved his patient, easy-going attitude ... not to mention his great sense of humour! Whether you want a single trip to see flamingos or a series of hardcore birding/photography tours, we give him our top recommendation.


For the photo trips we use a larger(wider) and more stable launch that is better for photography.


During the past three years :

 I have returned to Rio Lagartos whenever possible to continue photographing.
The wide variety of habitats,the large number of species that live and visit here and the beauty of the surrounding area have drawn me back again and again.
With the help of Diego Nunez and the team at "Rio Lagartos Adventures" I have had the opportunity to photograph many birds at a close range and to learn a great deal about them.
Diego and his group have a remarkable ability to find and identify the birds and then get close enough for a chance at a good photo.They are sensitive to disturbing the birds.
The photo trips are slower longer and bring you to different places than the Flamingo/or birding trips.They can be designed to find species you would like to photograph.Early morning and late afternoon are best times.Trips can be planned to start before sunrise so that you can photograph the first light.Many photographers arrive early enough the first day to photgraph in the late afternoon and then plan a pre dawn departure the folowing morning.
Diego and his guides understand the rythym of life here(Tides,seasons,time of day,Migratory patterns) and how they affect wildlife here.
If you are interested in photographing here contact Diego to arrange a trip.The flamingo trips are an opportunity for some good shots but a trip designed for photography will give much better results.
Good shooting!
Jim Legault 


Packages including lodging at Matildé' & Diego's Posada(Inn) are available

 Birding tours for photography are 169 usd.(4hrs) This includes the boat and  your guide . Diego, William Canto and Diego´s sons  Jorge and Diego jr do the trips. It is best to keep your group small for the photo trips. The  photo trips are slower, longer and designed for photography. They are best if done early in the morning or in the late afternoon to take advantage of the best light. With a prepared  wish list  we can design your trips around species you are looking for. It is easy to spend a week photographing here.See the bird list for the Bio Reserve

Every year Rio Lagartos Adventures has a limited number 0f permits to photograph during the flamingo nesting season. These are for serious photographers

​who want to spend multiple daysphotographing nesting activities and chicks. The nesting grounds are closed to access without special permissions and guides.The flamingos are very sensitive to disturbances and can abandon nests and eggs if disturbed.This requires daily permit fees plus guide costs.